Boyd Pond SuperClassic presented by Discraft

This event will only occur in odd numbered years. Look for SuperCLASSIC to return in 2023!

Sign up: Boyd Pond SuperCLASSIC presented by Discraft · Disc Golf Scene

Jan 25
8:00pm EDT
Registration opens for AH Season Pass Holders
Feb 1
8:00pm EDT
Purchase an AH Season Pass and signup within this early registration period
Feb 3
8:00pm EDT
Registration opens for all participants


Welcome to the 2nd annual Boyd Pond SuperCLASSIC event. EVERYONE, regardless of professional or amatuer, will receive a player’s pack.

Professionals will receive $5 from each of their entries that will be awarded to Pro payout. No payout for Amateurs. Trophies will be awarded to top finishers in each division.

No ace pot carry over in play for this tournament.
All baskets will be in the shorts.
(see below)
1st round all players must play with the player pack disc. No other discs, regardless of superclass or not, will be approved for round 1.
2nd round any superclass disc that you own is approved for play. If you do not own any superclass discs then you will play round 2 with your player pack disc.
Lunch is provided to ALL competitors courtesy of: TBD
There will be a $5 greens fee paid to Aiken County for use of the facilities.


Manufacturer Model Max Weight
CHING Sports Ching Big Heavy 200
CHING Sports Ching Ultimate 200
Daredevil Discs Gamedisc 200
Destiny/Dynamic Discs Floater 200
Disc Golf Association Midnight Flyer (FB 6, FB 19 & FB 20 ) 196.7
Disc Golf Association Midnight Flyer (100, 100A, 100AD, 100D, 100E, 100AD & 100E) 200
Disc Golf Association Midnight Flyer (50, 50E & 50G molds) 200
Disc Golf Association Midnight Flyer (80, 80C & 80E) 200
Discraft Sky-Star 200
Discraft Sky Pro 200
Discraft Sky-Styler 200
Discraft Ultra-Star 200
Dynamic Discs Aviator 200
Innova Champion Discs Hero Disc Type 235 196.7
Innova Champion Discs Zephyr 200
Innova Champion Discs Makani 200
Innova Champion Discs Apple 200
Innova Champion Discs Big Kahuna 200
Innova Champion Discs Pulsar 200
Innova Champion Discs Super Nova 200
Latitude 64 Catch 200
RPM Discs Temoko (DGR2) 196.7
RPM Discs New Zealand 175g Ultimate Disc (RU1) 200
Wham-O, Inc. Fastback 196.7
Wham-O, Inc. Professional (1, 4, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 20 A, 21, 23A, 23B, 24A, 24B & Pro Classic) 198.4
Wham-O, Inc. Olympic/Collegiate (100, 100A, 100D, 100E & 100AD) 200
Wham-O, Inc. 133g Night Lighter 200
Wham-O, Inc. Super Pro (no #, 50, 60, 61, 61N, 61B, 62, 62N, 63A P, 63B P & 63 P) 200
Wham-O, Inc. 141g (50, 50E, 50G, 51, 52AE, 52BE, 52AG, 52BG & Farusa 5) 200
Wham-O, Inc. 165g (80, 81, 81C, 81E, 82E & 900 & High Rigidity) 200
Wham-O, Inc. 90 Mold 200
Wham-O, Inc. The Tool (T501) 200
Wham-O, Inc. Master 200
Yikun Discs 150G WaKa Freestyle Disc 200
Yikun Discs 135G UltiPro Junior Ultimate Disc 199.2
Yikun Discs 175G UltiPro Ultimate Disc 200