Riverview Ruckus

Come out to Riverview Park and get two PDGA sanctioned rounds while directly benefitting the Women’s Disc Golf Augusta (WDGA). We will provide ANY player a $5 discount code (each code will be unique per donor) once we have received confirmation from “Kapow” that you have donated to the WDGA.

Donations must be $5 or more to receive your discount code.

AHS wants to help the WDGA continue to grow and with your direct help, this is possible and we can get more women involved and playing disc golf. If you want to donate and remain anonymous, that is fine. Just know that without confirmation of a donation, we cannot provide you your unique discount code for Riverview Ruckus.
50% of all hole sponsor sales will be donated to WDGA
Trophies will be for top finishers per PDGA recommendations.
<5 1st Place Only
<12 1st & 2nd Places
<30 1st through 3rd Places
Early Registration
Adrenaline Heaven Season Pass holders will have the ability to register early. Thank you for your sponsorship. We greatly appreciate it and look forward to Shenanigans with you!

If you want more information on becoming a AH Season Pass holder, please check out more information on our website: https://adrenalineheaven.com/season-pass/

In accordance with PDGA Competition Rules 1.02(D) & 1.03(B), The Waitlist entry will be a non-refundable $5 fee.

When you get promoted you will have 48 hours from the time of your promotion to pay the full entry fee.

You will get an automated email from DGS when you are promoted; We will also email you as a courtesy.

If you do NOT pay the full entry fee within 48 hours, you will be moved to the end of the waitlist and the next person will be promoted.

Adrenaline Heaven Sports has decided to change to this waitlist structure in an effort to provide you with more opportunity as a player. We understand the growth of the sport and tournament play has reached new heights. This allows players that did not get in to the physical event pay less than the full entry fee and sustain less fees with registration platforms. We feel this is a better model for all.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

Ace pot will roll to the next event if not hit.
There will be a $3 greens fee paid to North Augusta Parks Dept. for use of the facilities.
Refunds policy will follow PDGA 1.3 Withdrawals & Refunds